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  The level of care of matching me with the IP really made a huge difference. My experience as a surrogate was a beautiful one. I got along so well with my IP’s. We will be friends for a long time to come.  
  » Alice  
  I am so thrilled to be matched with my IP. I feel like we are two peas in a pod. We go shopping together. We are now taking a cooking class together. I never expected to have this type of relationship with my IP. Thank you for matching us.  
  » Nikka  
  Communication is so important to me. I know that I can be a little crazy about communication. Thank you for giving me your personal cell phone number. It made me feel like you were so accessible. Thanks!!!  
  » Lisa  
  I think you are the best coordinator. Thanks for being so calm about everything. It helped me through the whole experience.  
  » Barbara  
Infertility affects about 1 out of every 6 couples. It is more than just the inability to conceive after 12 months of trying, but also includes those that cannot carry a pregnancy to term. Surrogacy is presented as an option to couples who otherwise would not be able to have children.

In the past it was assumed when a couple did not conceive a child on their own they should turn to adoption to achieve their parenthood dreams. This notion is now quite outdated as there are far more options for infertile couples as well as singles and homosexuals who want children. Now people have the option to pursue advanced infertility treatments and egg, sperm and embryo donation are no longer rare, national and international adoption is commonplace and surrogacy is becoming increasingly popular.

A simple desire to have a child can easily become an overwhelming process of making unexpected choices all of which have many unknowns. This notion is now quite outdated as there are far more options for infertile couples as well as singles and homosexuals who want children.
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Syphilis:Y  N  
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Depression:Y  N  
Diabetes:Y  N  
Eating Disorders:Y  N  
Heart Problems:Y  N  
High Blood Pressure:Y  N  
Migraine Headaches:Y  N  
Muscular Dystrophy:Y  N  
Neck/Back Problems:Y  N  
Ovaries Cysts:Y  N  
PID:Y  N  
Seizures/Fits:Y  N  
TB or TB exposure:Y  N  
Thyroid Problems:Y  N  
Uterine Fibriods:Y  N  
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Do you have any of the following health conditions now, or have you had them in the past? If yes, please explain::Neck/Back Problems  Ovarian Cysts  PID  Seizures/Fits  TB or TB Exposure  Thyroid Problems  Uterine Fibroids  Anemia  Asthma  Cystic Fibrosis  Depression  Diabetes  Eating Disorders  Heart Problems  High Blood Pressure  Migraine Headaches  Muscular Dystrophy  
Do you currently suffer from any medical conditions? If yes, please list any past medical conditions: :Yes  No  
Do you feel you were ever a victim of sexual, physical, or psychological abuse? If yes, please explain::Yes  No  
Have you ever been treated for any emotional disorders? If yes, please explain::Yes  No  
Have you ever been clinically diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder?:Yes  No  
Are you taking any prescription or over the counter medications? If so please list any medications that you are currently taking::Yes  No  
Do you drink?If yes, how much and how often?:Y  N  
Does your partner smoke? If yes, please explain::Y  N  
Do you smoke or use tobacco? If yes, how much and for how long?:Y  N  
Have you ever used recreational drugs? If yes, please explain. :Y  N  
Have you ever been in a substance abuse program? If yes, please explain::Yes  No  
Have you ever been refused as a blood donor? If yes, please explain:Y  N  
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If yes, how recent?:Y  N  
Have you ever had any major surgeries?If yes, please explain:Y  N  
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery? If yes, please explain:Y  N  
Have you ever had a blood transfusion?:Yes  No  
Have you ever been diagnosed with Asherman’s Syndrome?:Yes  No  
Have you ever been under the care of a Psychiatrist or Psychologist?:Yes  No  
Have you ever been hospitalized for Psychiatric care?:Yes  No  
Do you have a history of easily bruising or bleeding?:Yes  No  
Have you ever suffered from Anorexia or Bulimia?:Yes  No  
Have you ever thought about committing suicide?:Yes  No  
Have you ever attempted suicide?:Yes  No  
Have you ever intentionally hurt or caused yourself any physical harm?:Yes  No  
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